Watchface fenix 7x 3HR

Garmin Fenix 7x Solar and Fenix 3 HR watchfaces

~~ Backup of created watchfaces on ~~

Fenix 7X Solar / Fenix 3 HR

~For use a watchfacedownload watchface from my google drive and unzip a file.

Plug your watch to pc and add the file in directory Garmin/App

Unplug your watch and watchface is running ~

Garmin Fenix 7x Solar watchfaces:

Like Fusion V2 – no weather Link

Windows Metro Link

Hell Link

Bracket Link

Commodore Link

Colorful 7x no weather Link

PAC MAN 1980 7x Link

Tetris madness 7x Link

Brutalist style F7x Link

Circular digital2 F7 Link

Circular digital 7x Link

Fulload curved watchface 7x Link

Power gear 7x Link

Garmin Fenix 3 HR watchfaces:

Windows Metro lite Link

Tetris F3 HR Link

Spiral F3 Link

Curve 3 HR Link

Easy Peasy Japanesey 3HR Link

Cascade F3 Link

S watch colorful F3 Link

Totem light F3 Link

Hell light F3 Link

Coloring Link